Sunday, March 7, 2010

Michael Moore On Campaign Finance Reform

Michael Moore spoke to Mother Jones about his disappointment with the president and about the Tea Party phenomenon as part of a tradition in which the powerful manipulate the legitimate anger of the have-nots toward right-wing ends. He also talked about his favorite films 0f 2009. What resonated most with me was his statement on the necessity of campaign finance reform:

Moore: We need to start a movement of people who are going to run for office [who are dedicated to] changing our campaign funding system to where our elections are funded by the public and not by those who have the most money. Once we fix that one piece, so much will fall into place where then those in office, like those in office in France or England or Germany or Canada or whatever, they will become afraid of the voters and they will be doing what the voters tell them to do.

Moore's challenge is particularly critical since the Supreme Court rejected corporate campaign spending limits, an outrageous act of conservative judicial activism.

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l said...

I totally agree with Michael Moore, but I don't think the rich corporations will ever let it happen. It would take away their power-hold on the politicians & put them on a level playing field with Main St. America.