Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Arizona Truck Driver Handcuffed For Not Having Birth Certificate

Governor Jan Brewer (R) of Arizona signed a new immigration law that gives the police leeway to detain anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant and demand that he or she provide legal documents. What does a "suspect" look like? Perhaps like the truck driver who was pulled over and handcuffed for lack of required paperwork:

azfamily.com provides further background. The story is a preview of the racial profiling and harassment sure to come as a result of the new Arizona law:

A Valley man says he was pulled over Wednesday morning and questioned when he arrived at a weigh station for his commercial vehicle along Val Vista and the 202 freeway.

Abdon, who did not want to use his last name, says he provided several key pieces of information but what he provided apparently was not what was needed.

He tells 3TV, “I don't think it's correct, if I have to take my birth certificate with me all the time.”

3TV caught up with Abdon after he was released from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in central Phoenix. He and his wife, Jackie, are still upset about what happened to him.

Jackie tells 3TV, “It's still something awful to be targeted. I can't even imagine what he felt, people watching like he was some type of criminal.”

Abdon was told he did not have enough paperwork on him when he pulled into a weigh station to have his commercial truck checked. He provided his commercial driver’s license and a social security number but ended up handcuffed.

An agent called his wife and she had to leave work to drive home and grab other documents like his birth certificate.

...Both were born in the United States and say they are now both infuriated that keeping important documents safely at home is no longer an option.


Michael, The Molar Maven said...

I'm afraid we have sacrificed every ideal that once made this country the envy of world - the country that set the example. What has happened to American values?

Besides, can someone please explain to me exactly why illegal immigrants are such a problem? Are they a problem - maybe; but to this magnitude that we must abandon our morals? And aren't these the same people who want to get government off our backs.

One bit of advice: The golden rule: Do not do unto others that which is distasteful to you. I personally do not want to be searched because of someone else's preconceptions - usually misconceptions.

This is not the country I love.

Jeff Tone said...

Michael: I share your outrage at this outrageous law that completely contradicts this nation's ideals. I can only hope that it will be repealed.