Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beck The Prophet: "God Is Giving A Plan, I Think, To Me"

When Glenn Beck suggested that churches advocating social justice were using code words for Nazism and communism, he was criticized by many Christian leaders. Undaunted, Beck has picked up the theological mantle again. He no longer sees himself as just an entertainer; he's now a prophet carrying out God's plan. See if you can make sense out of Beck's sermon and are inspired (courtesy of Media Matters):

Beck: ...God is giving a plan, I think, to me that is not really a plan…The problem is that I think the plan that the Lord would have us follow is hard for people to understand…Because of my track record with you who have been here for a long time. ...I beg of you to help me get this message out, and I beg of you to pray for clarity on my part. ...what he is asking us to do is to stand peacefully, quietly with anger, quiet with anger, loudly with truth. ...When we were, and I’ve never told this story before, when we were starting the TV show, there were things that I did that I wouldn’t do now because I had to be more of an entertainer to get people to go what is this show at five o’clock? I never said anything I didn’t believe, but I may have said things in an entertaining fashion. (h/t Politicus)

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