Thursday, May 27, 2010

Texas Board Of Education Approves Right-Wing Curriculum

The majority on the Texas Board of Education has revised the social studies curriculum with the aim toward raising a new generation of right wingers. This is especially alarming due to the fact that Texas schoolbooks reach other states.

The board made certain concessions that actually showed how extreme their agenda is: President Obama will not be referred to as "Barack Hussein Obama"; the "slave trade" will not be renamed the "Atlantic triangular trade." What they left intact makes it clear that history is being subordinated to right-wing propaganda:

In what looks like an effort to justify injecting more religion into government, [the board] voted to require students to examine why the founding fathers protected religious freedom — and how that approach contrasts with “separation of church and state.” The board also required third graders to “explain how government regulations and taxes impact consumer cost,” presumably to get them off to an early start in fearing government. Older students will have to “evaluate efforts by global organizations to undermine U.S. sovereignty” and, under an earlier change, analyze the “unintended consequences” of such programs as the Great Society and affirmative action.

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