Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Melissa Harris-Lacewell On Right-Wing Curricula In Texas And Arizona

Melissa Harris-Lacewell, associate professor of politics and African American studies at Princeton University, commented on Grit TV about efforts in Arizona andTexas to indoctrinate students into right-wing ideology. She finds hope in the fact that such efforts may fail since the diversity that young people now encounter does not reflect the fear and division promoted by social conservatives. Listen:


Charles said...


Interesting... while people on the right cry that the public education system (controlled by the sometimes radically left leaning teacher's unions) is doing enough to indoctrinate our kids already. They would challenge that collectivism is the evil being "drumbed" into their ears.

I can see both sides of the point. I wouldn't want my kid taught collectivism above any other sociological construct nor would I want my kid to be taught that evolution is a "theory". If i had a kid, bet your sweet bippy the child wouldn't be attending a public school if I had any choice in the matter...

But then... how many parents get the freedom to make that choice in a country where ballooning federal and state governments have a monopoly on such affairs?


Jeff Tone said...

Charles: No one wants his or her kid to be indoctrinated; we all hope for them to be taught with objectivity, even though we know that's never quite achieved. I don't, however, believe that membership in a union means that one is a doctrinaire Marxist. I also am quite happy with my children's public education and their exposure to students of different backgrounds.

Charles said...

Naturally, i would agree that few people want their kids indoctrinated.... The ones that do want their children indoctrinated send their boys and girls to law school.

I do have to assert that indeed, there is a left slant to teachers unions (again, naturally). That is of course not to say that there aren't exceptions to the generality, but in my experience, the slant is definitively present.

Also, and again only from my experience, i must express pronounced dissatisfaction with the quality of my public schooling education. But that is, of course, not at all because i was "exposed to students of different backgrounds" (is exposed the right word? It seems callus... As if i had been exposed to a virus...)