Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Patti Smith At Pratt 2010 Commencement: "Take Care Of Your Damn Teeth"

Patti Smith, the "Godmother of Punk," spoke at the commencement ceremony for the class of 2010 at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Part of her speech was about taking care of the practical side of life as a basis for fulfilling dreams–exemplified by taking care of one's teeth:

My greatest urge is to speak to you of dental care. My generation had a rough go dentally. Our dentists were the Army dentists who came back from World War II and believed that the dental office was a battleground. You have a better chance at dental health. And I say this because you want at night to be pacing the floor because your fuse is burning inside of you, because you want to do your work, because you want to finish that canvas, because you want to help your fellow man. You don’t want to be pacing because you need a damn root canal. So, floss. Use salt and baking soda. Take care of your damn teeth.

Two longtime subscribers to this blog are dental professionals, and I'm sure they agree. Anyway, the entire speech is wonderful–and not too long. Listen:


Michael, The Molar Maven said...

I finally got my audio track working again. So it's Patti Smith as the spokesperson for national dental health month, huh? I love it!

Jeff Tone said...

Michael: I thought that would appeal to you.