Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poll: Majority Of Palestinians Support Peace With Israel

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that, according to a poll conducted by a Norwegian foundation, the majority of Palestinians want peace with Israel and favor a nonviolent struggle for independence:

The majority of Palestinians support a peace agreement with Israel and believe that the Palestinian Authority should use non-violent means to achieve their political goals, a new Fafo poll revealed.

Fafo, a Norwegian based international multidisciplinary research foundation, found that 73 percent of Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza were in favor of peace negotiations with Israel, but stressed that a settlement freeze should be a precondition to talks.

More positive results: a majority are against continued rocket attacks and favor Fatah over the rejectionist Hamas:

The poll also revealed a rise in Palestinian support for halting rocket attacks from Gaza against Israel, rising from 53 percent in favor of a halt in 2009 to 61 percent in 2010.

Most Palestinians who agreed to answer the poll said they had more confidence in the Fatah leadership, headed by Mahmoud Abbas [above], than that of Hamas, and revealed that support of Hamas in Gaza was relatively lower than it was in 2008.

...The poll, which has been conducted in the PA for the past three years, found that after the Gaza War in December 2008, support for the Hamas party surged, but has gradually dropped since.


Michael, The Molar Maven said...

Real hope, or another red herring? The good news seems to be that the average Palestinian is as tired of this as is the average Israeli. Yet the "war" continues and the world is the big loser.

Jeff Tone said...

Israeli author Amos Oz says that peace will come when everyone is exhausted: "A Chekhov tragedy...ends with everybody disillusioned, embittered, heartbroken, disappointed, absolutely shattered, but still alive."