Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Night At The Liberal Curmudgeon: Leonard Cohen Dances To The End Of Love

Leonard Cohen, singer-songwriter, poet and novelist, started off in the folk mode in the Sixties and Seventies but gradually moved toward the European-style art song, calling his work the "European blues." In May 1993 on the Jools Holland Show, Cohen and ensemble performed "Dance Me to the End of Love," a song that features the composers' renowned passion and lyricism.


Michael, The Molar Maven said...

I know I'm not supposed to admit this in public, but Leonard Cohen never moved me as others have. I don't like his voice - which makes my appreciation of Tom Waits even more inexplicable - and, unfortunately, the mainstream radio of my youth limited my exposure to precious few songs, and mostly cover versions at that. This video, however, may begin the process of changing my opinion. Thanks.

Jeff Tone said...

Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and David Byrne don't have conventionally great voices. Yet their voices fit their music and they're longtime favorites of mine. In addition, Cohen's voice has gotten deeper and better over the years.

Do give Cohen another listen: "Suzanne," "So Long, Marianne," "The Partisan," "I'm Your Man": all great!

Michael, The Molar Maven said...

You forgot my personal favorite, Richard Thompson - truly an acquired taste. BTW, in refernce to a homework assignment you gave me a while back. "Yesterday" indeed, with more than 3000 versions, is the most recorded song in history.