Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tea Party Candidate Barber: "Gather Your Armies"

Tea-party affiliated Rick Barber, who came in second in a Republican primary for Alabama's second Congressional district yet managed to force a runoff against establishment candidate Martha Roby, has released an ad revealing his extremism. After stating that he'd impeach the president, Barber tells the spirits of Benjamin Franklin, Sam Adams and George Washington that we're living in tyranny because the IRS enforces progressive taxation and because of health care reform. At Barber finishes his rant, "Washington" states, "Gather your armies," implying that it's time for armed rebellion against the U.S. government. Watch this blatantly treasonous appeal:

David Weigel of the Washington Post notes the historical inaccuracy of using "Washington" as part of Barber's anti-tax appeal:

He appeals to Washington as the owner of a distillery who "knows how tough it is to run a small business without a tyrannical government on your back." But President Washington presided over, and approved, the first tax levied by the federal government -- the 1791 whiskey tax. When the tax met resistance, he approved the assembling of militias to enforce the law and mobilization of agents to collect the revenue. So the Barber daydream of Washington angrily ordering a "gathering of armies" to oppose a tax is... well, entertaining, I guess.

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