Thursday, July 29, 2010

DNC Unveils The Republican Tea Party Contract On America

Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine joined party members of Congress (left) at a press conference to unveil "The Republican Tea Party Contract On America." Kaine introduced the contract (one can also listen to the conference):

“We’re here to offer a helpful suggestion. Republicans and their Tea Party supporters can take a break from the town halls and relax because we have distilled their agenda for the American people into a handy ten point blue print for how they would govern that we are calling the ‘Republican Tea Party Contract on America.’ This wasn’t hard to come up with so were a little bit at a loss as to why this has been difficult for Republican leaders. We literally have just listened to what their leaders and candidates have been saying – people who have been increasingly influenced by the Tea Party.”

Reading the Republican Tea Party Contract On America, one realizes that the Republicans and the Tea Party converge on major agenda items: repealing health reform, privatizing social security, extending the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy, repealing financial reform, protecting BP and more. The DNC produced an ad outlining these points of unity:

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