Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fox And Friends Defends Joe Barton And Feels BP's Pain

Is anyone surprised that the defense of Rep. Joe Barton's (R-TX) apology to BP chief executive Tony Hayward and of BP itself should come from "Fox and Friends"? First, there's Steve Doocy practically spitting out the word "attacked" in describing Vice President Biden's response to Barton's absurd description of a "shakedown." Barton employed that term in reference to the $20 billion escrow fund that President Obama insisted upon to handle claims of individuals and businesses affected by the spill. Of course, to Fox's Stuart Varney, it's all part of a plot to nationalize BP and carry forward Obama's nefarious "socialist agenda." Watch:


Charles said...

20 billion sounds like a lot more than the 75 million dollar liability cap.... BP is doomed at this point anyway, but it would be settling to know that the government would only intend on liquidating BP's holdings at the time that it comes into full ownership of them.... But that won't happen.

There should never have been a liability cap. The company should never have been allowed to get as buddy buddy with the MMS as they did. When government is too big it falls over itself in this way because it is corruptible and too huge to be efficient.

BP certainly remains at fault, but how much can you blame private industry for finding endless loopholes in a government that is too big and to self-involved to see how porous their system is? This "bipartisan" government is by design a caterer to whoever has the deepest pockets. Instead of laissez faire, we have "hands on and hand outs".

The "shakedown" ought not be called a shakedown. It is a "settlement" and ultimately another handshake between men with money and men with power. The forecast calls for high chance of golden parachutes deploying across BP's horizon.

This entire situation is a joke. A heartbreaking joke.

I am disturbed by the burning sea turtles by the way... Something about helpless turtles really rubs me the wrong way.


Jeff Tone said...

Charles: I hope that as much of the money as possible actually goes to the people and businesses that were ruined by this debacle. I'm amazed that there are still those who lament any action against BP, such as these folks on Fox. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.

Here's the iconic photo representing the creatures that have been harmed:

Charles said...

That photo is heart wrenching.

I wish that people could take this situation at face value... It is disgusting to me how polarizing this political climate is. The left has no choice but to increase government control and to deny any fault of the government's, and the right has no choice but to retaliate with the full measure of ridiculous lies and defenses. When the job of a two party government is merely to blame the other side, the blame always lands either outside the government or in some ephemeral void of deadlock.

People ought to look at this objectively and see that our system has failed on the left and the right because there is only a left and a right...

We need new blood and we need people and parties with different perspectives. We need libertarians, green partiers, and communists. We need discourse that as opposed to being endlessly polarizing and blaming, is constructive and mutually beneficial....

We need something... Other than what we have...

Jeff Tone said...

The problem with the government here is in allowing this offshore drilling at all and not being more serious about energy alternatives. It should be the responsibility of the energy industry to stop this spill. They, however, didn't develop the technology to enable themselves to do so. Instead, they focused only on "drill baby drill."

As is clear from my blog, I'm a man of the left. I agree, though, that a political system with more voices would benefit the entire society. We're locked into a two-party system which, with the lack of real campaign finance reform and the presence of the filibuster, only invites corruption and limited options.