Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Evidence Of Tea Party Racism? Here's The Evidence

The NAACP passed a resolution condemning "racist elements" within the Tea Party movement. NAACP president Benjamin Jealous called upon the Tea Party to "expel the bigots and racists in your ranks." In response, Mark Williams, national spokesman for the Tea Party Express, called the NAACP "professional race baiters" who belong on "the trash heap of history...with all the other vile racist groups..." Tea Party activists Alex Poulter of the Kansas City area and Phillip Dennis of the Dallas area see no evidence of racism in their movement.

Think Progress has put together a video demonstrating that there is indeed racism in the Tea Party movement:

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST 1: He’s too black to be President.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST 2: I’m a proud racist, I’m white.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST 3: Afro-Leninism! Coming to you on a silver platter, Barack Hussein Obama!

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST 4: Go home wetbacks!



Charles said...




Thanks for the post man. These idiots are getting scary.

I had a relevant post on my blog recently, initiated by a discussion about tea partiers at some radical right wing blog. It's crude and for humor more than anything but... here it is:

Steve said...

Wow 4 alleged incidents of racism. I guess the tea party should just call it quits.

What is racist about comparing Obama to Lenin, it may not be accurate but racist come on.

You may remember the disgusting comments and referrences made against Bush, while liberals cheered.

Jeff Tone said...

Charles: You're welcome. They've been scary from the start. That includes the censorship that you apparently experienced.

Steve: Did you watch the entire video (which I see now is unfortunately a "private video"). There are more than the four episodes shown. And they're not all about Obama specifically. Some are just racist in general.

I didn't even mention the sign you refer to. Did you forget that Obama was also compared to Hitler in that sign? I can't remember a president who has been treated in as vile a personal manner as Obama has been. Criticisms of Bush were, in the vast majority of cases, about his incompetence and disastrous domestic and foreign policies.

There's more racism where the Tea Party is concerned. There are the disgusting signs: There are those who say that Obama is a Kenyan and a Muslim, i.e., he's "other" than "us." There are those who used the "n" word toward Rep. John Lewis and other two other black congressmen when they went to vote on health care. There's the operator who stood with a sign displaying the "n" word. It would be great indeed for the nation if the Tea Party called it quits.

Charles said...

Here Here.

I just can't comprehend how people in the mainstream don't see the underbelly of this "movement". Their strategy is clear: believe and continue to preach bigotry and extreme social conservatism in a low low key, but gloss it all over by flaunting loudly their tragically mis-led idea of Austrian school economics. They might carry some weight with me if they really advocated a free-market, but being that they are merely republican astroturf, their ultimate goal remains to expand the ability of the government to restrict our rights in the most expensive ways possible.

They are pawns, sadly. I feel bad for most of them. With leaders like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin... you almost HAVE to pity them.

Sean said...

I assume this post is in good faith, and you're honestly fooled by the video. PLEASE see this link and - since I assume you're post was in good faith - I look forward to your next comments about the conduct of the people who made this original video.

Jeff Tone said...

Sean: Think Progress stated that it retracted the clip from 2006 (Activist #4), as the article acknowledged. They should have pulled #2 as well.

Even if Think Progress pulls both, however, there are enough ugly statements that speak for themselves and make the point of the video:

Activist # 1: ‘…he’s too black to be president” cannot be rationalized, whether he has a black wife or not.

Activist # 3: “Afro-Leninism” and “Barak Hussein Obama” are racially charged rhetoric. There’s that hated middle name again! And the chain of “logic” we’re familiar with: Obama attended Wright’s church, Obama is black, Obama follows “Afro Leninism.” Obama, in this view, is a scary black radical!

Other reprehensible statements: “The Muslims are moving in and taking over,” “Send him back to Kenya,” “We can fight Obama, we can’t kill Obama,” “You’re a faggot.”

Yes, I know. All who make these statements are “liberal agent provocateurs.” I believe that Pajamas Media is trying to fool people.