Sunday, July 11, 2010

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Iranian Mother, From Death By Stoning Or Other Means

Following an international outcry, Iran's judiciary has temporarily halted the death by stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani after she was found guilty of adultery. Ashtiani still faces the threat of execution by stoning or other means at any moment. I urge you to read the summary of her case from the site and click the link below to sign the petition for Ashtiani's freedom:

An Iranian woman faces death after having been tortured for alleged adultery.

In 2006 Ashtiani was convicted of having an ‘illicit relationship’ and received 99 lashes. Since this time the 43 year old has been in jail where she recanted the confession she made under the duress of the lashing.

Just recently she was dragged before a court and retried. Again she was convicted and this time, despite the punishment she has already endured, sentenced to be stoned to death. This barbaric practice involves wrapping a woman tightly from head to toe in white cloth, burying her up to her shoulders in sand, and pelting her to death with large stones.

Yesterday late in the afternoon Iran’s government denied reports that Ashtiani will be executed by stoning, though her death sentence may still be carried out by some other method, likely hanging.

Knowledgeable Iranian human rights activists, including Amnesty International, question the veracity of this statement and remain deeply concerned about Ashtiani’s fate.

WE must not let Ashtiani become another victim of the debasing, inhuman treatment of women that has become the daily reality in Iran. Make your voice count and encourage others to do the same.

Take action against the practice of stoning; take action against abuse of women, sign this petition.


Charles said...

This is terrible.

What can be done? The only good to come is that eventually the Iranian people will become so angry over this kind of stuff that they will rise up again. They are a people who have led successful revolutions in the past... They will again. With or without our help.

I pray for her.

This revolution is going to be led by the women of Iran.


Jeff Tone said...

It's going to take an awful lot of very brave people and many terrible sacrifices. This is a regime that continuously gets more repressive. It's no longer run by the clergy, as bad as a theocratic state is; it's run by the military, the police and the thugs who attack demonstrators.

Charles said...

Better they do it than americans with guns though... no matter the sacrifice...

Unfortunately, i'm sure we will become militarily entangled soon enough anyway.