Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Siding, Roofing And "Secular Socialism"

What's the connection between siding, roofing and "secular socialism"? Watch and see if you get it:

There's no connection, just like there's no sense to the conservative theme that America is sliding into "secular socialism." It's as logical as the diagrams on Glenn Beck's blackboard. Then again, it's Beck's audience to whom this self-proclaimed member of the religious right appeals.

Meanwhile, Terrell's claim of religious piety is contradicted by a report that the company took advantage of a blind woman, refused to pay after losing lawsuits, and spoke in rude, racist terms to a potential customer.


Charles said...

this is not good advertising on his part.... I wonder if he has a marketing department or what.

Terrible ad. I will concede that we are sliding slowly into socialism, but what that has to do with windows and the like are beyond me.... and why Christianity is the remedy to said socialism remains, again, beyond me.

Jeff Tone said...

As I indicated, I see no sliding into socialism. But I do agree that whether we are or not has nothing to do with windows or Christianity. These bizarre connections are worthy of a Glenn Beck.