Friday, August 20, 2010

The Colbert Report: "Don't Shoot The Schlessinger"

Steven Colbert satirized Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who recently used the N-word repeatedly on the air, quit her radio show following criticism and confused that criticism with a loss of First Amendment rights. In the midst of the piece, Colbert plays Schlessinger's meltdown tape. One hears the relish with which she gratuitously repeats the N-word. She also makes an outrageous comment that hasn't received enough attention: "Don't NAACP me!" So according to Schlessinger, the NAACP is not a venerable civil rights organization; instead, it's a synonym for "playing the race card." Watch:

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Don't Shoot the Schlessinger
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koala said...

Dr. Laura's career is based on holding herself up as an expert in how to deal with people, but she doesn't get why it's different for a white person to use that word. So she's showing ignorance.

And why is she so angry that she's expected to avoid saying it? Why would she WANT to say it?

Jeff Tone said...

Regarding your first point, the "insightful" Dr. Laura just doesn't get it.

Regarding why she's so angry and wants to say it, we both don't get it.