Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck Is NOT Martin Luther King Jr.

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally will take place tomorrow at the Lincoln Memorial. The event occurs on the same date and site associated with Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” speech. Beck expects people to believe this is a coincidence, mockingly stating, “I’m sorry, oh so important media, that I forgot the date. It’s not the date. It’s the message.”

What, then, is Beck’s message? Brave New Films has produced a video comparing Beck and King. True, it’s absurd to compare the small-minded, inflammatory Beck with the great civil rights leader and visionary who sought to bring out the best in this nation; nevertheless, it is instructive to watch the video since Beck has the effrontery, despite his denials, to evoke comparisons with King. Watch (and sign Brave New Film's petition afterwards):

Beck will be joined at the rally by Sarah Palin, who demonstrated her stance on civil rights by defending Dr. Laura Schlesinger’s use of the N-word on the radio. Recall that Palin criticized Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s use of the word “retarded.”

Rally organizers cautioned supporters not to bring signs; small wonder, since those who follow Beck and the Tea Party have been known to carry signs comparing Obama to Hitler and containing racist messages. Benjamin Todd Jealous, NAACP president, stated, "Dr. King never had to caution anyone to leave their signs and guns at home. To say to your followers, 'Don't bring your signs'–it's like saying, 'Don't open your mouth.' "

At the end of the video, after Dr. King’s inspirational words have been compared to the hateful rhetoric of Beck, the latter states, “When I first stood on those stairs after I had announced that we were doing this, I stood on those stairs at the Lincoln Memorial, I went down to Washington, D.C., and I thought to myself, ‘Who do you think you are?’ ”

That’s an excellent question.


Michael, The Molar Maven said...

Bob Herbert's column in The Times, dated August 28, 2010, addresses this issue far more eloquently than I could. Beck's appearance at the Lincoln Memorial on an anniversary of "The Speech" by Dr. MLK, Jr. - the finest speech re: civil rights in American history (according to Herbert, I believe) - is the height of cynicism from one of today's most dangerous people; dangerous, in that there are some who actually look to him as a leader. How sad!

Adrian Zupp said...

Hi Jeff. Are you familiar with liberal democrat Norman Solomon? He is much published and well traveled and even considering running for Congress in the future. I thought you might be interested. This is his website:


Jeff Tone said...

Thanks, Adrian. I'll take a look at Solomon's writings.

Jeff Tone said...

I appreciate the reference, Michael. Herbert's excellent column is at