Friday, August 20, 2010

Jon Stewart: "The Republicans Should Pay Fox Millions, Not The Other Way Around"

Reports that Fox News's corporate parent, News Corp., contributed $1 million to the Republican Governors Association remove all doubt that Fox, far from being a news organization, is the propaganda arm of the Republican party. Yet Fox commentators have repeatedly criticized liberal groups–"left-wing Internet extremists" in the Fox lexicon–for their contributions to Democrats. After viewing Glenn Beck's characteristically convoluted blackboard diagrams, Jon Stewart channels Beck but with a much simpler outline. Watch:

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News Corp. Gives Money to Republicans
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3rd Lawrence said...

Yes, but I'm sure the CEO of NBC gave money to the Democratic Party. Doesn't that count?

Jeff Tone said...

Did the CEO give money or not? And was such money given on an individual or institutional basis?

carl1989 said...

"Was such money given on an individual or institutional basis?" Hmmm . . . isn't the question about the ethics of the situation, not the technicalities?

Jeff Tone said...

Not really. There's a vast difference between giving that reflects an individual's and an institution's preference. In the case of the corporate parent of Fox, the donation to Republican candidates reveals the bias of an organization that pretends to be an objective source of news. Such a contribution is no mere technicality.