Friday, August 6, 2010

Robertson, Limbaugh Discuss Destruction, Secession, Civil War After Prop. 8 Decision

One day after Judge Vaughn R. Walker of the Federal District Court of San Francisco struck down Proposition 8, finding that it discriminated against the right of gay couples in California by preventing them from marrying, right-wing hysteria has begun. According to Pat Robertson, the gay struggle for marriage equality is a subterfuge for the real agenda: to destroy the church and marriage. Watch:

Turning to Rush Limbaugh, isn't it amazing how some supposedly "patriotic" conservatives are ready to secede from the country whenever a policy or election doesn't go their way? Limbaugh finds that "secession, civil war" are "not the rantings of extreme kookism any more." His fear-mongering over "minority rule" shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept of equal protection under the law as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. Listen:


Jon R. said...

Robertson is an idiot. Limbaugh, on the other hand, is scary.

In Florida we have the Baker Act which can be invoked when a person is deemed to be a danger to himself or others. One might suggest that Limbaugh and his kookie caller could be prime candidates to be Baker Acted with a mandatory 72 hour mental eval.

Jeff Tone said...

In Limbaugh's case, is it the effects of OxyContin?