Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gary Bauer Equates Fighting 9/11 Hijackers With Voting In November

Gary Bauer, president of the right-wing group American Values and former member of the Reagan administration, spoke at the Value Voters Summit on Friday in Washington, D.C. Bauer made it clear that voters with values can only vote for conservatives; in fact, he made an analogy between those who fought the 9/11 hijackers on United Airlines Flight 93 and "fighting back" by voting in November:

Bauer: From the cell phone calls that were made and the tapes that we have [from 9/11], we know that those passengers went to the back of the plane. Being good Americans, they started a debate. "Well," some of them said, "we need to get back to our seats. We can't do anything about this. You don't fight hijackers. The plane will land. And then there will be negotiations. We'll get out of here." Other people said, "No, no, the country is under attack. We've got to fight." And you know what they did? Nobody won the debate! So somebody said, "Let's vote."

That's what we're going to do in 45 days, right? We're going to vote. If you get up that morning and you're tired, you're sick, it's raining -- remember these Americans on the plane. They voted to fight back. So they made weapons with whatever they can -- leftover utensils from breakfast. The flight attendant was still alive; she boiled the water for the coffee. That was going to be her weapon. They took the drink cart, used it as a battering ram. They ran down the aisle of that plane, throwing the water, fighting as hard as they could, into the teeth of men armed with box cutters!

They brought that plane down. They spared this country more pain, more sorrow, more deaths. God bless them! Don't forget them!
(h/t Huffington Post)