Monday, September 6, 2010

Glenn Beck Reveals God's Message: Invest In Goldline

On the fence as to whether Glenn Beck is an absolute fraud? Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks plays three audio clips featuring the Fox talk show host. The third clip is, as Uygur states, "gold"–literally. Beck combines his characteristically incoherent historical references and apocalyptic prophecy with the most cynical hucksterism:

Beck: Your sponsor this half hour is Goldline. I want you to read the headlines today. I want you to read about the stock market. I want you to read about housing sales. I want you to read that the last 30 months we’ve added $4.4 trillion to our debt. I want you to read up on the Weimar Republic. I want you to read about Oakland. I want you to just look in the newspaper and ask yourself, ‘Which politician is it that will pull us out of this?’ Then I want you to ask yourself, ‘You have faith in man or in God?' If you put your faith in man, God bless you. I can’t wait to see the solution. But if you don’t, I ask that you would consider–it’s not right for everybody–and I don’t buy it as a investment, although it has been the best investment I have purchased–I ask you to look at gold as a relief valve, as something that in case inflation comes, it is always the flight of last resort, it is always the hedge against inflation. I don’t know what's going to happen; I really don’t. But I would ask that you would consider your options and call Goldline.

Uygur: Man or God, which one is it going to be? If you put your faith in God, you must buy gold. So we figured it out. It turns out God does have a message. It’s to visit Glenn Beck’s sponsors. It turns out God loves Goldline. What a huckster this guy is. Gets everybody worked up, all washed in blood and $4.4 trillion and Oakland and the Weimar Republic and the Nazis are coming and then so what's the answer? Goldline. 'Pay me.' Snake oil salesman.

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