Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Why Does Paladino Send Racist, Pornographic Emails?

New York Gubernatorial candidate and Tea Party choice Carl Paladino defeated Rick Lazio, who was backed by the Republican party, in a surprise primary result. Paladino is known for his outrageous views and offensive emails. In his victory speech, this Buffalo multimillionaire conservative spoke like a Bolshevik, demonstrating the absurdity of right-wing "populism":

The result was a potentially destabilizing blow for New York Republicans. It put at the top of the party’s ticket a volatile newcomer who has forwarded e-mails to friends containing racist jokes and pornographic images, espoused turning prisons into dormitories where welfare recipients could be given classes on hygiene, and defended an ally’s comparison of the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, who is Jewish, to “an Antichrist or a Hitler.”

...“We are mad as hell,” Mr. Paladino said in a halting but exuberant victory speech in Buffalo shortly after 11 p.m. “New Yorkers are fed up. Tonight the ruling class knows. They have seen it now. There is a people’s revolution. The people have had enough.” tried to speak to Paladino about his emails. If, after all, Paladino wants to represent all of New York, the citizens have a right to know why he finds it amusing to forward disgusting materials. Note how the candidate disingenuously claims that he doesn’t know which emails are referred to and evades and distorts the issue, contending that the very act of questioning him is a “smear”:

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