Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maddow: Christine O'Donnell Opposed To Women In The Military, Coed Education

Rachel Maddow reveals interesting facts about Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party favorite who won the Republican senatorial primary in Delaware: O’Donnell is opposed to women in the military; contends that condoms don’t stop the spread of HIV; believes that sex education spreads pornography; is opposed to the "radical agenda" of coed education; is against masturbation; and believes that gays can be “cured.” In addition, O’Donnell has run for the senate three times; during that time, she has not had a job. O'Donnell has been accused of living on campaign donations. Watch:


me said...

I see this, and I can't help but think that the GOP has finally achieved the goal they've always had of having a more inclusive, "big tent" kind of party. When the very same party that includes ultra-conservative, sex-is-so-naughty Christine O'Donnell has enough space in it to include Carl Paladino and his porn emails, Rand Paul's anti-civil rights business stances, and Richard Steele at the head of the RNC, how much more inclusive can you get?

If it weren't for those pesky moderates, things would be just fine...LOL

On the other hand, the more I learn about how the human mind works, the more certain I've become of this: There's a direct correlation between the level of mental disturbance and the need to impose a sense of "personal reality" upon the surrounding world. From this perspective, this level of detachment from that which is will drive extremists to the voting booth, and possibly keep moderate Republican voices -- and Progressives -- voting.

If turnout in November is as low as the primaries, we will all be able to look back on the past two years -- and, especially, at the primary season -- as the back door that let the Tea Party in.

Once again, this might be the paranoid in me talking. I want to be wrong, and see a Republican Party in such disarray that they can be readily beaten in the mid-terms. Having said that, I'm not sure that Progressives should be so overconfident as to start licking their chops. Not just yet.

Jeff Tone said...

I think that the Republicans are more of a narrow tent than ever. Moderate Republicans are almost extinct. The Tea Party has driven them even further to the right.

I see no reason to be complacent. I keep hearing that Republicans are more "enthusiastic" about November. I don't think you're being paranoid; there's real reason for concern.