Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rachel Maddow On False, Retroactive Rationales For War In Iraq

The outstanding journalist Daniel Schorr, who passed away in July, once referred to the "very large scandal: the effort to delude America into thinking it faced a threat dire enough to justify a war." Rachel Maddow reviews these shifting, false, retroactive rationales for the war in Iraq: the "link" to Al Qaeda and 9/11, WMD, democratizing the Middle East, Saddam's "gaming" the UN oil-for-food program, removing a tyrant (Iraq was indeed ruled by a tyrant, but by that logic we should invade North Korea and a host of other countries today).

Now Republicans want Obama to credit Bush for the surge, even though the reason for the surge has not been realized: to give Iraq a chance at political stability. Nearly six months after elections, Iraqi politicians are unable to form a government. In addition, how much credit should we give Bush when the war he started was unnecessary in the first place? Maddow instead credits those who served their country and cites Obama's accomplishment in ending the war. As for the false reasons for the war and the constant revisions for its justification, she gives the Republicans credit where credit is due. Watch:

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