Saturday, October 2, 2010

GOP Candidate Whitman Denies Knowing Housekeeper Of Nine Years Was Illegal Immigrant

Meg Whitman, California Republican candidate for governor, opposes a path to legalization for illegal immigrants and believes that those who hire them should be held accountable. Given recent questions regarding Whitman's former housekeeper, one wonders whether the candidate would stay true to her position and turn herself in:

Ms. Whitman’s most recent problem emerged as she sought to explain this week how she had employed for nine years a Mexican housekeeper who was an illegal immigrant. Ms. Whitman has been an advocate of penalties against employers who hire illegal immigrants. But she said she had not known of the housekeeper’s illegal status until the woman informed her last year, and she sought to provide documentation to back up that claim.

...As she has sought to explain what happened, Ms. Whitman said she had fired the housekeeper on the spot, even as she described the maid as a close part of her family, and seemed undisturbed by the idea that her onetime friend and employee might be deported.

Whitman's clams that she didn't know about her housekeeper's illegal status seem disingenuous at best:

...Ms. Whitman...said she knew nothing of a letter sent to her home by the Social Security Administration saying that the social security number did not match with the name of her housekeeper, Nicandra Diaz Santillan...

...But hours after Ms. Whitman spoke in Santa Monica, Ms. Diaz-Santillan appeared with celebrity lawyer, Gloria Allred, to produce the April 22, 2003 letter, with what she asserted was handwriting on the back from Ms. Whitman’s husband, Dr. Griffith Harsh. The document was partly filled out, with a note scribbled at the bottom of it: “Nicky. Please check this. Thanks.”

...for Ms. Whitman, the political implications of this were potentially serious, as evidenced in her campaign’s all-out attempt to rebut the charges. She flat-out denied that she knew anything about the letter; there was no immediate response from the campaign about the claim that her husband had written on the back of it.

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