Saturday, October 2, 2010

Paladino Plays Coy On Whether Cuomo Had An Affair

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, fresh from an altercation with New York Post editor Fred Dicker, is now consumed with back-and-forth comments on the burning issue affecting the state he hopes to run. Infrastructure? Taxes? Education? No, it's whether his opponent, Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, had an affair.

On Wednesday, Dicker asked Paladino for proof of his affair allegations, whereupon the candidate said he'd get it "at the appropriate time." On Thursday, Paladino told the Buffalo News that he wasn't making an accusation: "I'm sick and tired of people asking me about if I've had affairs. I was talking to [a reporter with] and said 'Why don't you ask Andrew Cuomo if he has had extramarital affairs.' It's not that I was accusing him."

On Friday, Paladino was back to the affair insinuations. Here he speaks to Megyn Kelly on Fox:

Kelly: "So you're not backing off that allegation?"

Paladino: "What I believe and what is factual out there, we will at the appropriate time put out, yes."

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