Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rand Paul: We're Beholden To The Rich, So Let's Not "Punish" Them

Rand Paul, Kentucky Senator-elect (R), explains, "There are no rich, there are no middle class, there are no poor. We're all interconnected in the economy." Is this a sense of economic cosmic oneness, or is Paul, a libertarian, suddenly espousing the Marxist goal of a classless society? Paul pulls back and reverts to GOP talking points: since we either work for or sell stuff to rich people, we can't be punitive by not extending the Bush tax cuts to them. Of course, the cost to the deficit of shoveling more cash to the wealthiest is $700 billion over 10 years–but if we don't commit to it, we won't continue to reap the economic benefits of the Bush tax cuts, right? That's despite the fact that, according to Moody's Analytics, rich Americans save rather than spend their tax cuts. Watch Paul's mini economics lesson:

Since Paul senses that we're all one and doesn't want to punish anyone, he'd also stand for labor rights and raising the minimum wage, right?


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Politics in America today: Less affluent people have been convinced that the wealthy (usually white males) are on their side. "Give us more money because we know how to get things done. We will prevent those big bad liberals from taking your hard earned money and giving it to those lazy (usually Black or Hispanic) bums who doesn't want a job because it's far easier to collect a welfare check. But we can't protect you unless you send us more money and vote us into power. Keep in mind - the president Barack HUSSEIN Obama is not really one of us. He may not even have been born here." Absolutely despicable, albeit obviously effective.

Jeff Tone said...

It's amazing the way the GOP markets themselves to get people to vote against their interests.

GD said...

It amazes me that they have been selling this theory to the middle and lower class for 30 years and they continue to buy it!