Monday, December 20, 2010

Republicans Say, "Thank You Fox News"

While Media Matters identifies its Republican "tribute" to Fox News as a parody, the succession of Republican leaders heaping praise on Fox is real, including Bachmann, Palin, McCain and Cantor. More importantly, we hear testimony from Republicans as to the way Fox aids the party. Former governor of Pennsylvania Rick Santorum tells a beaming Neil Cavuto about the pre-Fox days: “We didn’t have Fox News.. We didn’t have the ability to get a message out.” Newt Gingrich recounts how the campaign of Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) took off: “…they saw him on Fox News and the next thing you know, they were sending him money.” Defeated Arizona senatorial candidate Sharron Angle repeatedly asks Fox viewers for contributions. Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS) speaks about owner Rupert Murdoch’s $1 million donation to the Republican Governor’s Association. Watching the following, one can have no doubt that Fox, while parading as a news station, is the propaganda arm of the Republican party:

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