Monday, January 17, 2011

Despite Carnage, Poor Prospects For Gun Control

The military didn't want Jared Loughner to carry a firearm, and he was suspended from Pima Community College for his disruptive behavior. Despite this background, he was able to pass a federal background check and purchase a Glock 19 with an ammunition clip once restricted by federal law. And despite his killing six people, including 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green, and wounding 13, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), a large gun show went on in Tucson and prospects for gun control are doubtful:

...gun rights advocates and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle said Thursday that there was little chance the attack would produce significant new legislation or a change in a national culture that has long been accepting of guns. If anything, they said, lawmakers are less receptive than ever to new gun restrictions.

...lawmakers seeking even modest limits on gun rights seem almost resigned to failure. Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York, said in a telephone interview that since he proposed a bill this week that would outlaw having a firearm within 1,000 feet of a member of Congress, his office had received “100 calls an hour from people who think I am trying to take away their Second Amendment rights.”

“This kind of legislation is very difficult,” Mr. King said, noting there had been “no enthusiasm,” even among Democrats, for the renewal of the assault weapon ban of 1994 in 2004. “The fact is Congress has not done any gun legislation in years”...

...Erich Pratt, the director of communications for Gun Owners of America, said..., “These politicians need to remember that these rights aren’t given to us by them. They come from God. They are God-given rights. They can’t be infringed or limited in any way. What are they going to do: limit it two or three rounds. Having lots of ammunition is critical, especially if the police are not around and you need to be able to defend yourself against mobs.”

So what can be done when God Himself wants no limits placed on the purchase of a Glock?

Illustration: "Standing On Principle," R.J. Matson/Roll Call

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