Sunday, February 13, 2011

Limbaugh, Beck: Egyptian Revolt Not Spontaneous

The backing of right wingers for Hosni Mubarak is a curious phenomenon. Didn’t conservatives support George Bush’s supposed push for democracy in Iraq? Or does democracy only come about through a superpower's “shock and awe” bombing campaign and prolonged occupation? Is a grass roots campaign for democracy involving non-violent civil disobedience invalid? In addition, doesn’t such protest repudiate the terrorist tactics of Al-Qaeda? Regardless, Rush Limbaugh denounced the protesters as leftist rabble engaging in “classic community organizing”:

Limbaugh: "And, folks, they are all leftists. They’re feminists. They’re avowed socialists, leftists, communists, environmentalists. I don’t believe this is coincidence that Tunisia then this thing springs up. I don’t believe that this is just spontaneity.”

Glenn Beck continues his fear-mongering, stating like Limbaugh that the Egyptian revolt is “not spontaneous”; instead, it's all a plot by destructive conspirators:

Beck: “The most important aspect to understand is this is not spontaneous and it will cascade throughout the Middle East. I hope to God that it does not but I bet it touches Europe and then the world. It will not have a singular ideology but it will mean revolution, destruction, and change and it will be led by young people. Because anyone over 30 knows that chaos never leads to anything good.”


Mohammad Shihabi said...

I think the most revealing part of all this is Limbaugh calling the protests "classic community organizing."

Really convoluted (and deranged) attempt at connecting the dots between Obama and the supposed "new World Order" of Caliphates and leftist Commie/Socialist/Elderly Killers that's emerging.

Jeff Tone said...

Mohammed: Well, we were told during the last Republican Convention that community organizing is a subversive activity. Somehow the dots connect community organizing, Egypt, Tunisia, the Caliphate, Marxism, world revolution and Obama. If these guys believe this nonsense, they're paranoid loons. If they don't believe it, they're cynical fear mongers. Either way, it's frightening that so many look to them for knowledge and guidance.

Michael The Molar Maven said...

Feminists - heaven forbid! I see how it works. Democracy is right for Americans and a few deserving Europeans. But the rest of the world is not worthy. They don't know how to govern themselves. They have not earned it. In essence, we Americans are superior.

Mohammad Shihabi said...

I honestly wouldn't worry about anything said by Beck, Hannity and the gang. There's always going to be a segment of the population that opposes change, even if that change is happening thousands of miles away. They're loud and obnoxious but they won't have any real effect regardless of how many people support them (remember McCarthyism) because the natural path for the country is a progressive one.

Jeff Tone said...

Michael: The rest of the world, though, is worthy of democracy if it's imposed from the outside through an invasion and occupation. It's not worthy if the people rise up and demand it.

Mohammad: These reactionary hosts are part of a faux news network that's the most influential in the country–and they're part of the reason that progressive legislation such as health care reform is so difficult to pass. Unlike other Western democracies, we still have no universal health care, yet the modest reforms that we received are condemned as a "government takeover." We can also consider the conservative bent of the Supreme Court and its dismantling of all restrictions on corporate campaign contributions. I would say that the most beneficial path for the country is a progressive one. Whether progressivism is natural to the country is questionable.

Michael The Molar Maven said...


Your ammendment to my comment is absolutely correct.