Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scarborough: Beck Is "Out Of Control"

It's one thing to read an article in The Liberal Curmudgeon stating that Glenn Beck is out of control; it's something else entirely when conservative commentators make the same observation. After playing clips of Beck ranting against the usual world conspiratorial alliance of radicals, Islamists, communists, socialists and unions, Joe Scarborough states, ""I've been telling conservatives for about two years, this guy is bad for the movement. This guy is losing it before our eyes. He's bad for the conservative movement. He's bad for the Republican Party. He's bad for Fox News...even guys over at Fox News have to start thinking, 'This can't last. He's out of control.' " Scarborough then cites a blog post from fellow conservative Peter Wehner that states, "Glenn Beck has become the most disturbing personality on cable television." "Morning Joe" concludes, "[Beck] throws bombs out all the time. It's the conspiracy theories that are the most dangerous because that gets people acting out." Watch:

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