Monday, March 21, 2011

Rep. Weiner Rebukes GOP On NPR Defunding Bill

Joe Conason recently wrote about the latest Republican attempt to defund National Public Radio, despite the fact that its federal funding is minuscule and its “liberal bias” is a fraudulent issue. He referred to the recent “sting” video by right-wing provocateur James O’Keefe, who elicited critical comments about the Tea Party by an NPR fundraiser. Conason wonders whether, instead of this stunt, “Wouldn’t the conservatives in Congress be able to prove bias in a day of hearings with tapes from NPR itself? They’ve never even tried—and the reason is they can’t provide any proof, because NPR works so hard to keep its news straight and its ideologues balanced.” (Put another way, "All Things Considered" simply does not have the liberal bias of, say, "The Liberal Curmudgeon.")

With this background, I appreciated Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) rebuke to Republican House members who aim to defund NPR. Weiner mocked the emergency hearing over a matter that saves no jobs and little money (according to a Republican Congressman, defunding saves no taxpayer dollars). Weiner also pointed out that they’re attempting to cut off funds for such shows as “Car Talk,” hosted by “Click and Clack”:

WEINER: What a relief. I'm glad we got the economy back going. I'm so glad we secured our nuclear power plants. So glad Americans are going back to work. We discovered a target we can all agree's Click And Clack.

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