Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisconsin Protests Continue, Recall Efforts Underway

It's not at all over in Wisconsin. Since Governor Scott Walker signed his politically motivated union-busting bill, up to 100,000 gathered this past Saturday at the largest protest in Madison's history. That same day, Walker went to Washburn, population 2,271, to an invitation-only event and was met by jeering crowds estimated between 2,000 to 5,000. Protester Dean Debroux said, "We're going to meet him everywhere he goes. We are not going away." Watch the reception committee greet the governor's convoy with calls of "Recall Walker!" and "Shame!":

In addition, protesters demonstrated against a $1,000-a-ticket fundraiser on Wednesday for the Wisconsin Republican Party in Washington, DC. AFL-CIO representative Josslyn Williams thanked Walker for his "outrageous act" that "awakened the mighty middle class." James Ploeser from Madison, son of public employees, was there because of the Republican attack on his parents' rights and the rights of workers in Wisconsin and around the country. Ignore the strange soundtrack at the beginning and watch:

Meanwhile, conservatives are rightly worried about recall campaigns launched against Republican senators from Wisconsin. Former Republican National Committee online communications director Liz Mair said, "“It's clear that Democrats and liberal organizations are engaging in an attempt to make recall more than a mere hypothetical possibility for some Wisconsin Republicans. Even though Governor Walker acted to end the impasse, Republicans and conservatives should not be acting like this is done and dusted.”


Mohammad Shihabi said...

Some hope!

Jeff Tone said...

How about this line from Republican leaders:

"We highly doubt a Dane County judge has the authority to tell the Legislature how to carry out its constitutional duty."

How, after all, can a judge know about the Constitution than they do?