Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rachel Maddow: Republicans Aim to Destroy Unions For Funding Democrats

Union bashing by Republican governors has spread from Wisconsin to Ohio to Maine to Oklahoma to Florida. Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio and the Republican legislature have enacted an anti-union bill even tougher than Wisconsin’s. Rachel Maddow notes that recall efforts are taking place in Wisconsin and Ohio, both of whose governors are now divisive figures. Why, then, are Republicans bashing unions? Maddow points to the larger picture: they are determined to destroy the only remaining major entity funding Democrats, the unions. Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Wisconsin already admitted as much; watch as Maddow elaborates:

MADDOW: If you make unions disappear, particularly if you make public sector unions disappear, then the corporate interests that give big money to Republicans in elections, they have no competition, so Democrats can’t ever win. Last year, out of the top 10 outside spending groups in that election, seven of those groups made their donations to the right. Only three of the ten made their donations to the left, and all three donating to the left were unions. If the unions are gone, Republicans run the table. Democrats cannot compete when it comes to big money in elections without the unions. Therefore the unions must die. It’s not just that Republicans hate union rights, but look at the effect. They want to cripple the Democratic Party’s ability to compete.

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