Friday, April 8, 2011

Why is Glenn Beck’s Fox News Show Ending?

Media Matters presents a collage of some–by no means all–of Glenn Beck's most lunatic moments in an attempt to answer the question, Why is Glenn Beck’s Fox News show ending? Listening to his paranoid rants and viewing his antics, one could rephrase the question: Why did Glenn Beck’s Fox News show last so long? Watch and wonder:

BECK: You are watching the beginning and the birth of the new world order. If you want to call me crazy, go to hell. Call me crazy all you want.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

I was listening to John Gambling yesterday and he said that the only reason the Fox decided to let Beck go is that it could not make any money. His ratings were still as high as anyone's but advertisers would no longer touch him. I say letting him go was an exercise in good taste. The overall problem to me is that, at least people like John Stewart are on a station called COMEDY Central. Beck and his cohorts are on Fox NEWS. Too many people take their nonsense seriously.

Richard T said...

Look across the Atlantic and then try to penetrate the mind of the Dirty Digger.

Over here, he's moving every muscle and shifting every principle to get his hands on full control of BSKYB the main satellite TV channel here. He has a number of problems the most pressing of which is the uncovering of serial illegal mobile phone interceptions by one of his papers and the complicity of News Corp management in it; denied but the cover is slipping fast. Add in his reputation for slipperiness, his right wing orthodoxy, his manipulation of politicians and the standards of Fox in your country. You get a very uncomfortable Austalo American.

He's already conceded an admission of guilt to minimise his losses in compensation to try to keep cases out of the courts. That'll cost him plenty but it looks as though it's unravelling. I'd guess Beck's departure is linked with a gesture to make the Dirty Digger look respectable - the sort of man you'd let run a TV station indeed. Of course it might also relate to cutting his losses.

All to the good and what make sthis even better is that the more delay in getting these things clear, the less likely he is to get his antipodean hands on BSKYB, particularly at the price he wants to pay.

The final cherry on the cake is that all this is going to the discredit of the Tory party which, if you'll excuse the euphemism, has been kissing his fundament for his support and has been employing his catspaws until quite recently. They were going to let the acquisition slip through but it looks very difficult for them now. The Minister concerned is a Jeremy Hunt who is widely known in UK rhyming slang as Berkeley Hunt
(I'm sure you'll work out what the word is).

The longer it goes on, the greater merriment there will be at Murdoch's and the Tory party's discomfort.