Friday, May 6, 2011

Does This Fox Host Want To Waterboard President Obama?

Eric Bolling of Fox Business’ “Follow the Money” read the responses from Twitter followers to his question about whom they’d like to have waterboarded. Leave it to Fox to make a joke out of waterboarding, and on a show ostensibly about finances. Bolling falsely attributes Bin Laden’s discovery to waterboarding and reads the suggestions for waterboarding victims, the vast majority being progressives and President Obama. Watch:

BOLLING: I wanted to know who else at home who you thought should be waterboarded. So, Louise says, waterboard "Joy Behar." Patti says "Senate Dems... and then Obama...and then the kooks on The View, starting with Joy." Jerry says he wants to see Alan Colmes get waterboarded. "The secrets of the left wing cabal will come pouring out of that boy." This guy's a bit more sentimental, go ahead, waterboard "my ex-wife." Denise says Keith Olbermann and Rachael Maddow. And Mike says "Waterboard the Westboro Baptist Church." I agree with them. (h/t Media Matters)

Does Bolling's agreement refer to the Westboro Baptist Church–or to everyone on the list, including President Obama? Regardless, does Fox feel that it’s fine for one of its hosts to casually read such a list, especially as it includes the president as a candidate for torture?

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