Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nation Reassured As Gov. Jindal Releases Birth Certificate

Losing sleep over whether Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana was born in the United States? You can rest easy, since Jindal released his birth certificate proving that he was born here shortly after his parents arrived from India.:

They arrived Feb 1, 1971, and a bit over four months later, on June 10, 1971, Piyush Jindal was born at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge, a natural-born U.S. citizen, who like every other child born in America, could, constitutionally, grow up to be president.

Donald Trump can now call off the campaign he was no doubt going to launch questioning the Republican governor’s citizenship. Regardless, Jindal has made his birther sympathies known, stating that he would sign a bill filed in the Louisiana Legislature requiring federal candidates to furnish a birth certificate. His stance prompted a scathing editorial in the Advocate of Baton Rouge. Excerpted from “Masquerade for Bigotry”:

This is what is called in politics a “dog whistle.” While there is no reason for the Louisiana Legislature to pass a birther bill, the pledge to sign the bill is a signal to the lunatic fringe that Jindal is sympathetic to them.

...Our system does not depend merely on laws, even the Constitution. It depends on an atmosphere of mutual respect, for the office if not the person or the views. By lending his signature to a birther bill, Jindal would put his politics above his personal obligation to make America’s political system work. Above the respect he ought to show to the president’s person, even if he disagrees with the president’s actions.

Finally, the son of Indian immigrants to this country, who have lived the American dream, should not be a party to this nativist agitation, which is at its root racist and anti-immigrant.

Jindal’s release of his birth certificate should actually disqualify him from holding office in the voters’ estimation, since he feels compelled to distract himself from state business with this nonsense.


Gordon said...

That is the short form birth certificate. I thought that only the long form was acceptable or are there different rules for democrats and republicans?

Jeff Tone said...

Good point, Gordon. I'm sure Trump is about to insist that Jindal release the long form.

Davin said...

I was born here, but a fundamental part of my consciousness is that this country was a refuge for my family leaving behind the rising antisemitism of Europe. When my daughter graduated college, an image of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean over which my family sailed flashed into my mind.
I could hardly believe the fulfillment which could follow a situation of danger and escape.

Those concerned about one's place of birth might do well to remember that this place is infused by the stories and experience of those who came here. It is not a place apart. It is a part enriched by humanity as a whole. One does not sense that consciousness in their talk. But that is the meaning of America for the generation of the children, too. That is part of what being born here includes.

Jeff Tone said...

Thank you, Davin, for raising our consciousness of origins beyond the politically motivated issue of birth certificates.