Sunday, May 22, 2011

Student Who Challenged Bachmann To Debate Gets Threats

Cherry Hill, NJ, high school student Amy Myers (left), who issued a debate challenge on a CNN website to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), has been threatened by some of the latter’s followers:

In a letter addressed to Bachmann and dated April 29, Myers leveled pointed criticisms at the Tea Party Caucus founder.

"I have found quite a few of your statements regarding the Constitution of the United States, the quality of public school education and general U.S. civics matters to be factually incorrect, inaccurately applied or grossly distorted," Myers wrote.

...Amy and [her father] Wayne Myers said the comments on conservative websites alarmed them most. Several commenters threatened to publish the Myers' home address.
Others threatened violence, including rape, they said.

"They're targeting me just because I'm challenging Bachmann," Amy said.

…The Minnesota Republican has more than once stumbled over constitutional questions in public.

In 2009, Bachmann said she would refuse to participate fully in the 2010 Census because the U.S. Constitution requires she only provide the number of people who live in her household. That is wrong.

And in several speeches, including one in response to President Barack Obama's Jan. 25 State of the Union Address, Bachmann repeated the patently false claim that the Founding Fathers "worked tirelessly" to abolish slavery.

For more questionable assertions from the Minnesota Congresswoman, see the "Best of Bachmann" video.

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