Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trump And Koch Party Together In The Hamptons

What a surprise to find Donald Trump and David Koch (standing), two who have debased American politics, partying together in the Hamptons. Trump, the birther, buffoon and communicator of racist innuendo, has been putting on a clown show–or acting as a carnival barker, in President Obama’s apt estimation. David Koch and his brother Charles, billionaire oil magnates who inherited their wealth and use it to support right-wing causes aimed at harming the environment, attacking health care reform and busting unions, prefer less publicity and are the more dangerous forces.


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Although I certainly agree with the message of your caption to the picture above, I must caution against making the assumption that just because two (or more) people socialize and appear to be enjoying each other's company, that they must in fact share similar political views. McCarthyist lawyer Roy Cohn once enlarged a picture, using just a cropped portion showing two people shaking hands and smiling and used it to prove that his opponent was lying about two people never meeting. It was eventually revealed from the original that one of the men was navigating down a reception line and the other was simply standing in that line. In no significant way had the two ever met - but the damage was already done. Your picture captures just a moment in time that, taken out of context, just as Mr. Cohn's was, can be misleading.

Jeff Tone said...

Michael: All quite true. Note, though, that the only similarity I mentioned was that they both have debased American politics.