Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brave New Foundation Exposes The Koch Echo Chamber

The Brave New Foundation continues its “Koch Brothers Exposed” series on David and Charles Koch, billionaire oil magnates who are major supporters of right wing causes. In this latest edition, the Foundation enlists the help of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in focusing on the Koch echo chamber. The Kochs fund right-wing think tanks that target a traditional object of conservative loathing, Social Security. The think tanks conclude that the retirement age should be raised, Social Security is going bankrupt and it should be privatized–in other words, destroyed. These views are then promoted by the right wing media (Fox being the most prominent). Watch the Koch echo chamber in action:

More Brave New Foundation videos on the Kochs can be viewed here, here, here and here. Also, watch Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks discuss our "Koch-Fueled Congress." The Kochs’ political activities were first exposed in "Covert Operations," a must-read article by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker.

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