Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Former Bachmann Chief Of Staff: She’s “Decidedly” Unready To Be President

Writing in the Des Moines Register, Ron Carey (left), former chief of staff to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), wrote a scathing op-ed on his former boss’s lack of presidential qualifications:

Having seen the two of them, up close and over a long period of time, it is clear to me that while Tim Pawlenty possesses the judgment, the demeanor, and the readiness to serve as president, Michele Bachmann decidedly does not.

The Bachmann campaign and congressional offices I inherited were wildly out of control. Stacks upon stacks of unopened contributions filled the campaign office while thousands of communications from citizens waited for an answer. If she is unable, or unwilling, to handle the basic duties of a campaign or congressional office, how could she possibly manage the magnitude of the presidency?

…I know Michele Bachmann very well. She is a faithful conservative with great oratory skills, but without any leadership experience or real results from her years in office. She is not prepared to assume the White House in 2013.

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Michael The Molar Maven said...

Be careful, that same argument could have been made against Barack Obama in 2008.