Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fox's Chris Wallace Has A Bad Week

Chris Wallace continues to rehash his exchange with Jon Stewart on “Fox News Sunday" from a week ago. Wallace had no response to Stewart’s charge that Fox viewers are “consistently misinformed.” When Stewart said that the public is disappointed in the media, Wallace stated that Fox is a “counterweight” that “tells the other side of the story.” This response contradicts Fox’s Orwellian “Fair and Balanced” slogan. Today, Wallace tried to assert that Fox doesn’t tell “the other side”; what he really meant was that it tells “the full story.” Watch:

Wallace also had a testy exchange today with presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), asking her, “Are you a flake?” Despite once acknowledging to Glenn Beck that she's been called a "kook" throughout her career, Bachmann termed the suggestion "insulting." Watch:

After Bachmann’s response, Wallace cautioned her that, as a candidate, she shouldn’t say “flaky things.” Why such advice? Perhaps it has something to do with Bachmann’s calling the Lion King “gay propaganda," among other flaky comments; or her statements on Planned Parenthood, American history, health care reform, arming Minnesotans, the census, or anti-American members of Congress. Wallace’s question incurred Fox viewers' wrath and he was forced to apologize. Ultimately, the only problem with his question is that it dealt with an issue long settled.

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