Monday, June 6, 2011

Hannity's "Great American Panel": Sesame Street Leads To Male Prom Queens

Fox’s Sean Hannity hosted a discussion on the perils of liberal indoctrination, which leads to–gasp!–tolerance of gays and lesbians. Apparently even “Sesame Street” is in on the conspiracy, as Hannity asks, "How is Elmo liberal?" Conservative columnist and talk show host Ben Shapiro decried Sesame Street's encouraging gender-neutral language and giving dolls to boys and fire trucks to girls. Would Shapiro include G.I. Joe? Is he against girls aspiring to work in traditional male professions? Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell connected Shapiro's examples to a boy being named prom queen, part of a "direct assault on this country's moral foundation." As Media Matters points out, such openness to LGBT youth is a positive alternative to gay children being barred from proms or bullied by classmates. Watch Hannity's “Great American Panel":

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