Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anti-Medicare Ryan Sips $350 Wine With Conservative Economists

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is the architect of a Republican plan to destroy Medicare and turn it into a privatized voucher plan while shifting the savings to the wealthy. Knowing this, Susan Feinberg, associate business professor at Rutgers, was outraged catching Ryan sitting with two conservative economists and enjoying two bottles of Pino Noir, at $350 each, at an upscale Washington restaurant.

Feinberg, who noticed the price on the wine list and took a few photos of the purchase with her cell phone, figured out that the two bottles of wine, at $700 total, were more than a two-income family making minimum wage earns in a week. She went to Ryan’s table and asked how he could enjoy the wine while advocating cuts for seniors and the poor. Feinberg and her husband then became involved in an unpleasant discussion with Ryan and his friends.

Talking Points Memo interviewed Ryan on the matter. Ryan didn’t address the relation between his policies and the expense of the wine:

TPM: …do you think it's appropriate now that you know how much the wine cost to be drinking [such expensive wine] when you're advocating cuts for seniors?

Ryan: I think it's stupid to pick up that much for a bottle of wine under any circumstance.


Davin said...

Maybe down-deep Ryan is ashamed of his heartless toward seniors and is drinking just to drown his pangs of conscience. . . . I wish I could believe what I just wrote.

Jeff Tone said...

Wish I could too. I think that the circles Ryan runs with insulates him from the effect of his policies on others.