Saturday, July 2, 2011

Media Matters’ Tribute To Glenn Beck: “Requiem for a Rodeo Clown”

Media Matters put together a tribute to Glenn Beck, “Requiem for a Rodeo Clown,” following his final show on Thursday. It covers Beck's absurd “history” lessons, wacky conspiracy theories, defensive insistence that he isn’t a conspiracy theorist, hucksterism regarding buying gold, and general hysteria and antics. Watch and be amazed that so many look to this clown for answers:

Also check Media Matters' "50 Worst Things Glenn Beck Said On Fox News."


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Talk about spin: I was listening to my usual conservative morning talk show - I still believe in listening to all sides of as many issues as I can. You can't discuss intelligently unless you know where your counterpart is coming from - when the host, John R. Gambling, began gloating about the firing of Keith Obermann, proving to him at least the failure of the liberal message. His listenership was dwindling, Gambling claimed; it was a matter of good business, he said. When he had previously discussed the fate of Glenn Beck who had recently been dropped by WOR among others, Gambling stated that this was also an example good economics. Beck's ratings were so good, he said, that advertisers were worried about a backlash from "liberal" consumers. The advertisers complained and the station caved, proving, once again, that liberals have far too much power in today's media and thank heavens that there is conservative talk radio to save the country advocating a bridge back to better times when men were men and women knew their place.

Jeff Tone said...

Sounds like Gambling is as "fair and balanced" as Fox News!