Thursday, July 28, 2011

Republicans Declare War On The Environment

If you hate clean air and water, you’ll love the Republicans' current appropriations bill. It contains 39 ways–so far–to dismantle four decades of environmental regulations. While not all the proposals will pass, just a few could do lasting environmental damage. Among the wish list for corporate polluters:

One would prevent the Bureau of Land Management from designating new wilderness areas for preservation. Another would severely restrict the Department of Interior’s ability to police mountaintop-removal mining. And then there is the call to allow new uranium prospecting near Grand Canyon National Park.

… “The new Republican majority seems intent on restoring the robber-baron era where there were no controls on pollution from power plants, oil refineries and factories,” said Representative Henry A. Waxman, a California Democrat, excoriating the proposal on the floor.

…Environmental regulations and the E.P.A. have been the bane of Tea Party Republicans almost from the start. Although particularly outraged by efforts to monitor carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas linked to the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, freshmen Republicans have tried to rein in the E.P.A. across the board — including proposals to take away its ability to decide if coal ash can be designated as a toxic material and to prevent it from clarifying rules enforcing the Clean Water Act.

… Conservatives have been adding amendments at a furious pace. Earthjustice, an environmental advocacy group, counted more than 70 anti-environmental amendments filed as of Wednesday morning and was monitoring for more. 

Illustration: Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press


Michael The Molar Maven said...

Yet perhaps our greatest environmental presidents were republicans - Teddy Roosevelt and Richard Nixon. Go figure!

Jeff Tone said...

Perhaps they'd be dismayed to see that their party is now blatantly anti-environment.