Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Constituents Grill NY Republican On Refusal To Tax Rich More

We all remember the right wingers who showed up at town hall meetings to denounce Democrats who supported health care reform. Since then, liberals have been challenging Republicans, including Rep. Charlie Dent (PA), Rep. Daniel Webster (FL), Rep. Paul Ryan (WI), Sen. Leah Vukmir and Rep. James Sensenbrenner (WI) and a host of other GOP politicians. Recently, Rep. Chris Gibson of New York's 20th district was grilled by constituents over his opposition to raising taxes on the wealthy. Watch as they grow increasingly frustrated over Gibson's refusal to directly answer their questions:

Constituent: Why do you seem so closed-minded to raise the taxes on people that can pay more? ...If cutting taxes for corporations is going to grow the job climate, why over the last year, when all of the rest of us are suffering, have they increased their CEO pay an average of 23 percent? They're not paying for jobs, they're not interested in creating more jobs unless you guys make them.
Gibson: But, see, you're reinforcing my point, though, that that's why we need to do the corporate tax reform.
Constituent: No, they need to pay their way!


askcherlock said...

Great video! Obviously Gibson ducked and dodged every question by using the GOP Party line and one absurd graph. I am encouraged by the folks at this meeting who held Gibson's feet to the fire. There needs to be more of that. It is time to counter the Tea Party meetings with Democratic pronouncements such as this at every town hall meeting between now and the 2012 election. What we have is taxation, or non-taxation, without proper representation. It needs to end. Unemployment numbers were up again today.

Jeff Tone said...

askcherlock: Thanks. You will be heartened to know that there has been "more of that." Just click on the links and you'll see constituents giving Republicans a hard time across the country! Indeed, it must continue.

Michael The Molar Maven said...

Dodging questions and avoiding tough decisions has been the core of American politics as long as I can remember. Obviously others are as frustrated as I am. Applause to all those who attended this town meeting saw right through the non-answers.