Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fox’s Napolitano: Obama Mourned Slain SEALs To Distract From Economy

Every time one thinks that Fox News has gone as low as it possibly could, one is disabused of that notion. On what other station would it be acceptable to state that the president mourned the Navy SEALs recently killed in Afghanistan to distract the nation from the economy? That’s what the station’s legal analyst Andrew Napolitano cynically stated on the August 9 edition of Fox News’ “The Five.” Watch:

Napolitano: [Obama] segued into something we all agree on, which is remorse and sorrow over the loss of the SEALs in Afghanistan. That was a very clever way of trying to get the economy off the front page. It didn’t work.

Of course, Napolitano wouldn’t have criticized Obama had he said nothing about the slain SEALs, right?

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