Thursday, September 29, 2011

GOP Audience Applauds As Christie Mentions Firing Of Gov't. Workers

How is it that the Republicans claim to be the "values" party? The values held by their supporters certainly seem perverse. At the Republican presidential debates, the audience cheered the 234 executions under Rick Perry, yelled "Yeah!" at the idea that an uninsured individual should be left to die, and booed a gay soldier putting his life on the line in Iraq. In the latest episode, attendees at a speech by Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) applauded his account of Reagan's firing thousands of air traffic controllers. Watch:

Christie: In August of 1981, the air traffic controllers, in violation of their contracts, went on strike. President Reagan ordered them back to work, making clear that those who refused would be fired. In the end, thousands refused, thousands were fired. [applause]

We recall Speaker John Boehner's aplomb regarding Federal job losses: "So be it." Boehner knows that public employees are servants of an evil government, unlike those who work for the private sector, which always has citizens' well-being in mind. From this perspective, the Koch-supported Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) handed out tax breaks to corporations, creating a budget crisis, and then used that crisis as an excuse to bust public service unions–striking a blow against another force for evil.

Remember, however, that the Republicans claim that now is not the time to raise the taxes of anyone, including those of the "job creators"–even though, with an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent, they don't seem to be "creating" many jobs. Wouldn't it behoove the Republicans to feel that now is also not the time to cheer the firing of anyone?

Republicans are not only cheering the glorious public sector firings of the past; they're actively pursuing more. Think Progress cites the following: Republican budget cuts have forced 500,000+ public workers to lose their jobs; candidate Mitt Romney has promised to lay off more; the GOP is calling for massive cuts to the postal service; 19 of 20 metropolitan areas with the strongest economic recovery have added government jobs, while 13 of the 20 weakest have lost them.

These firings, of course, have a dire effect not only on the workers, but on their families as well. Think of this the next time you hear that the Republicans uphold "values"–including "family values."

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