Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Reminder: What Have Unions Done For Us?

This Labor Day takes place at a time when unions and labor rights are under assault, in great part through reactionary Republican governors like Scott Walker (WI), Rick Scott (FL) and Paul LePage (MI). It's no coincidence that the weakening of unions comes at a time when workers are losing ground. While enjoying this weekend, let's remember the many benefits that labor unions have struggled for and brought us–and that must be preserved. Watch this video from Rebuild The Dream and MoveOn:

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Dr.D said...

The unions regularly give us thugs who threaten violence against individuals and businesses, who push for violations of privacy like union organizing elections in which they will know just who voted which way, mob actions, intimidation, etc. These are all the union way. Add to this the threats of strikes at critical times, times when community safety is at risk, when community fiscal responsibility is at risk, etc., that is when they will decide to press their issues and call a strike because they know that they hold the whip hand at that time.

Unions are evil organizations run by cowardly, small minded people who are seeking to expand their power. They are entirely un-American. If you don't like your job (your pay, your hours, your working conditions), find another and quit the first one. That is the American way. You have no right to the first job. Unions are evil and should be banned.