Sunday, September 25, 2011

Republican Audience Members Boo Gay Soldier Serving In Iraq

Does something ugly have to happen at every Republican presidential debate? At one, the audience cheered the 234 executions that have occurred on Rick Perry's watch. At another, they yelled "Yeah!" at the question of whether an uninsured individual should be left to die. During the most recent debate, Stephen Hill, a gay soldier serving in Iraq, asked the candidates whether they'd "circumvent the progress made by gay and lesbian soldiers in the military." After audience members booed Hill, Rick Santorum, who has not served, stated that "sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military"–as if Hill were asking for sexual activity–and distorted the right of gays to serve as a "special privilege." The audience applauded, and not one candidate objected to the booing or thanked Hill for risking his life as a soldier. Watch:

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